The natural reserve of the river Ciane and Saline of Syracuse

Distance from the Hotel Borgo Pantano 1.8 km (2 minutes).
Among of the nature itineraries recommended by Hotel Borgo Pantano the natural reserve of the river Ciane and Saline of Syracuse are definitely the closest destinations to our structure, so easy access (The source of the river Ciane is located 2 minutes from the Hotel Borgo Pantano). The excursion includes at least two hours to walk through paths surrounded by dense vegetation rich in scents and colors. The natural reserve of the river Ciane was created to protect the papyrus that grows along the river Ciane. You can do so, a beautiful walk or bike (within the reserve there is a pedestrian path loop of about 12 km), through the papyrus plants, from the source to the mouth of the River Ciane, where you will see the Saline of Syracuse (the mouth of the river Ciane with Saline of Syracuse is located 9 km from the Hotel Borgo Pantano). During the excursion you can go along part of the river Ciane canoe or boat with a guide (for a fee). The name derives from the greek cyanos Ciane, κυανός, which means “green-blue”, and recalls the particular color of the water and the papyrus of these areas. Saline, located near the city of Syracuse, including a marsh environment, flat, sometimes a slightly lower level than that of the sea, ideal for mining salt. Saline formed by the seventeenth century an economic resource of great interest; They remained in operation until the eighties and were later abandoned by the industry crisis. There currently come twice a year the migratory birds to stop and refuel. However, it is claimed for years a better site management, and maintenance of the embankments of the river Ciane and the recovery of Saline of Syracuse. There are several projects that have not yet seen the realization. Apart from this we strongly recommend you not to miss, during your holiday at our Hotel Borgo Pantano, a chance to see this beautiful natural oasis.